Twice Upon A Time





I am a twin.
For me, I is both we and me.
I = ii and ii = I





I am fascinated by research on the ongoing change between identical twin’s genetic material and how it challenges the very definition of identical twins.  In this investigation entitled, Twice Upon A Time, I’ve been looking through my double helix at my twin, Kristen.  We have always been differentiating ourselves from one another on the surface of our bodies; and now this individuation contains profound implications for the events unfolding on the genetic level.  In the process of reassessing our identicality, I’ve embraced science’s ability to trace, describe and depict change.  The natural history it writes- then edits- and re-writes again- provides infinite source material for my work.  Scientific images become templates on which I overlay my personal data: thoughts on my identity as an identical twin and photographs of me as a twin study subject.  Twice Upon A Time began before I was born and will continue for the rest of my life.