The value of an object depends on the context it exists within.



If a feminine object is removed from its original context and placed into a masculine context, then it will or will not be valued as a feminine object.


Definition of Value:

Value: the regard that something is held to deserve; importance or worth.



     1. Collect and categorize feminine objects.

     2. Photograph findings.

     3. Present to public.



The Change in Value Women : Men in 2007 


Science +/-

Engineering +/-

Museum/Gallery representation +/-

Solo Exhibitions +/-


- : decrease,  +/- : neither increase or decrease, + : increase



It is inconclusive at this point, but the research findings to date reveal little to no fluctuation in change of value.  This information naturally lends itself to a negative interpretation.  And, it does not seem to leave a lot of room for an optimistic outlook on the future of women in the arts and sciences.  Instead is seems to continually deepen the wound women have been dressing for centuries.  Initially, I internalized this information as the proof of women’s constant battle for value in western culture, a battle that was not proving to be in our favor.  But, I soon realized that despite historical and contemporary stereotypes imposed on women, we have never been incapable of contributing to our culture.  Our capacity to learn and become knowledgeable has always been equal to men.  Thus, our minds have the same infinitely inquisitive attributes.  Recognizing the strength women have always possessed intellectually, ignited my inquiries about how I could combine my femininity, my love for science and pursuit of photography.  The answers were revealed upon reflection within the woundedness I felt after having learned about how the rise of science as a worldview destroyed the authority of women.